About Max8 USA

MAX 8 USA is a marketing and system design company, specialized in service to technology companies in Broadband Internet solutions and Surveillance Systems.

From Miami, FL, Max 8 USA we can design projects to help Latin American Resellers to sell more, to expand the technology offer in each territory.

Each Latin America country has a particular sales procedure, different taxes and we have experience to assist those customers how to develop channels, to select products to sell and be a partner to deal with manufactures.

The company was founded in 2013, due to an opportunity to assist companies in Brazil, but we discover that other countries could be also reached and using our great experience with several products and vendors such as D-LINK, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik, Fiberhome, Pelco Schneider, AXIS, we could expand the business.

Max8usa is 100% dedicated to assist resellers and distributors to increase performance in each market niche.


WIRELESS – The WORLD is moving fast to smartphones and the WI-FI technology is key to connect users in a ubiquitous mode, in company, airports, home, etc. The rapid growth of video usage, messaging and social media demand more bandwidth and is important to select best vendors.

IP TELEPHONY (VoIP) - IP phones, videophones, IP-PBX is mandatory to corporate accounts to increase performance and reduce costs; Cloud Telephony is a reality in USA and should migrate to emerge markets. We know how to develop channels to migrate from analog systems to IP systems and help resellers and distributors to promote the technology.

SURVEILLANCE: Security is always a concern in emergent countries, violence, protect assets has been growing in more than 2 digit in all Latin countries. The surveillance system has improved using IP Cameras, analytics, intelligent software and this is an important trend to move the market. There are challenges to promote IP technology in same regions due the taxes to import; however we believe that the training and capacitation of sales and support teams is the key.

FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) – The need for more bandwidth for companies and residential markets are driving the ISP’s and Incumbent operators to deploy more fiber networks, like Google Fiber in USA. Latin Countries also are investing to deploy the FTTH in medium cities. There are lots of challenges for those customers such as large investment, lack of financial lines, support from authorities, cost of electrical poles rental, etc. Is important to have a business plan before start deploying a network.